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February 17, 2011 / globalglue

Global Energy Consumption Per Capita ¦ 1965-2009

The following graph shows global energy consumption per capita per year for the primary energy sources (Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Hydro and Renewables) from 1965 to 2009.

Global Energy Consumption Per Capita 1965-2009

1. – The units are in Barrels of Oil Equivalent (BOE).
2. – ‘Renewables’ includes Solar Photovoltaic, Wind, Geothermal power generation and Ethanol.
3. – I have somewhat generously assumed that renewables are operating at maximum capacity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
4. – I cannot lay my hands on accurate data for Biomass. However I have taken start and end points from the orange bar in the IEA graph* and extrapolated backwards assuming its growth is a constant. If anyone has an reliable source of data for Biomass, I would be very grateful. Likewise for Solar Thermal and Geothermal heating.
5. – The graph does not show Energy Returned On Energy Invested (EROEI). Perhaps I will investigate whether it is possible to source data for this.

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2010
U.S. Census Bureau International Database

*IEA Biomass data


Edit: I’ve been looking at a similar graph prepared by The World Bank. I cannot understand why they have the anomalous huge leap from 1989 to 1990. Unless the world population took a huge nosedive around that time I can only assume they’ve made an error. Can anyone clarify?

28/02/2011 Update: Correspondence with the World Bank confirms an oversight on their part: “The problem is with exclusion of the former Soviet Union countries in calculating the aggregates. Although, we have gap-filled for those countries, the gap-filled data has been removed and aggregates have been over written. We will fix this in the database and remove the data pre-1990 to avoid this inadvertent inconsistency.”


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