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Hematite-encrusted Rock (Additional Pics)

Hematite-encrusted rock

Reverse side - a few patches of the interior stone are visible.

Hematite Encrusted Rock

These holes also suggest that the rock is not a meteorite.

Fusion Crust Detail

Detail of the 'fusion crust'. It's about 1.5-2mm thick, so again indicative of terrestrial origins.

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  1. Chad Novotny / Jul 25 2013 8:32 pm

    Not all meteorites pass the streak test.

  2. scott haddox / Dec 15 2013 4:32 am

    Did you hear the news about NASA discovering hematite on mars ?
    Also here in Oklahoma back in the 1960s archaeologists found a slab of polished hematite associated with other ancient artifacts.i have always wondered what their fasination with hematite was. I also have a large one I thought might be some kind of meteor that I found at the bottom of a limestone ledge about 30 feet high that is the site of an archaic camp, nomadic people from the end of the last ice age.

    • Mindy McKinnon / Aug 21 2015 9:20 pm

      I think people are not accepting that they are everywhere. Because then they will be worth less. You would never believe what I have. And yeah some of them are rounded…. Duh, the Indians had them first. I live where I can find beautiful arrowheads, so I know I’m right about most my finds. And they all came from my back yard. I still can’t believe it, it’s amazing!


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